If you have been marketing on the internet for very long, you may find that the sequence of training here is much different than what is normally proposed.

For example, the typical sequence for internet marketing goes something like this:

  • Build a web site
  • Add content
  • Drive traffic
  • Create a free product and put up a squeeze page
  • Keep building that list
  • Create a product you can sell
  • Pitch it

Now, we start with creating a product (truth be told, you still build a web site first) and then we drive traffic through — among other things — creating content.

So there are two main differences with the approach you will learn here versus the “traditional” sequence. The first is that we do it almost completely backwards. I will tell you why in a minute.

The second is that we create traffic with content. The traditional approach is to create content and then figure out how to drive traffic to it. The method you will learn here will make driving traffic almost an after-thought. Your content, and the way you distribute it, will drive direct, social, and organic search traffic. Easily and quickly.

The reason we create a product at the beginning of the sequence rather than at the end is because “the end” may never come. You will waste a bunch of time and effort building the “perfect” web site, squeeze page, and free offer.

None of these things will make you any money.

The point of internet marketing, in case you don’t remember, is to earn money. If you’re not earning money on the internet, you’re just wasting time.

Don’t waste time—you will never get it back.


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