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How to Use Amazon S3

Step 1: Sign up for the Internet Marketing Coaching Academy Facebook group. –> Step 2: Check next week’s webinar here. –> Step 3: Go get S3 Flow Shield   Step 4: Need a nice domain name but it’s already taken? Check out Domain Club.  

Webinar: How to Use Amazon S3

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How to Use Amazon S3 Webinar

If using Amazon S3 is a mystery to you, you are not alone! I will not claim to know how it works, but I can tell you this: I know how to use it. In this webinar, I will show you how I use Amazon S3 to host my files, why I do it, and the tools & resources I use to make using Amazon S3 super duper simple. Sign up by following the link below: How to Use Amazon S3  

Amazon S3 Video Training Is Coming

I’m loading a series of training videos on using Amazon’s S3 service. I personally use S3 and love it: It’s cheap, easy, and alleviates grief coming from your web hosting company when your customers stream and download a lot of data (because you don’t store your downloadables and rich media on your host—you do it on Amazon’s S3). I hope to have it all uploaded tonight. You will be able to find it in the Bonuses menu. UPDATE: Amazon S3 Training is here!