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Lesson 1 – Overview

Congratulations on choosing to get the training and coaching you need to make a successful internet marketing business. In the following weeks, you will learn what you need to know in the right sequence in order to make your business as profitable as you want it to be. Learning internet marketing is an always-evolving endeavor–what you learn here are the “nuts and bolts.” New tactics will emerge as new technology emerges and as trends come and go. However, the strategies and foundational principles you learn here will last you a lifetime. In this first lesson, you will get an overview…

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What Is Internet Marketing?

So just what is internet marketing? Internet marketing is simply putting up for sale products and services on the internet. It’s just that simple. It doesn’t matter whether you are a virtual company or a “brick and mortar” company–if you have a web site (or a web presence), then you are engaging in internet marketing. You may not know it, but you are an internet marketer. Now, you may not be earning any revenue from your online endeavors, but we can change that! (Just keep on doing these lessons and you will learn all you need to know in order to…

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Internet Marketing Philosophy

Let’s face it: Most so-called “internet marketers” are hobbyists and don’t make a full-time income. In fact, the vast majority of internet marketers don’t make any money at all. That changes today. You stop consuming content and start creating it!

Internet Marketing Core Concepts

What are the core concepts of internet marketing? First and foremost, your primary objective is to sell something online. You are marketing on the internet, after all. Bloggers may not be concerned about selling anything. In many cases, they just want their own forum on which to share their ideas. But in fact, bloggers are “selling something” too — their influence. Now, it may not bring them any money, at least directly. However, influence is a powerful thing. But you are not just a blogger — you are more than that. While you may blog, you are doing it for a much…

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What Will Be Covered in This Course?

Here is a list of main topics that will be covered in this course: Lesson 1 – Overview Lesson 2 – Research Lesson 3 – Create a Product Lesson 4 – Write Your Product Sales Letter Lesson 5 – Write Initial Email Campaign Lesson 6 – Write Product Launch Campaign Lesson 7 – Create a Squeeze Page and Offer Lesson 8 – Driving Traffic Lesson 9 – More on Driving Traffic Lesson 10 – Create a Coaching Program Lesson 11 – Write a Coaching Sales Letter Lesson 12 – Create a Continuity Product Lesson 13 – Scaling Your Business  

Lesson 1 – Why This Sequence?

If you have been marketing on the internet for very long, you may find that the sequence of training here is much different than what is normally proposed. For example, the typical sequence for internet marketing goes something like this: Build a web site Add content Drive traffic Create a free product and put up a squeeze page Keep building that list Create a product you can sell Pitch it Now, we start with creating a product (truth be told, you still build a web site first) and then we drive traffic through — among other things — creating content….

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Lesson 1 – Homework Assignment

1) Write out a blueprint giving your understanding of how an information business works. 2) Write out a sample flow of what YOUR business will look like. 3) What niche or topic do YOU want to teach about, and what kinds of products do YOU want to create?